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Sigh Candy March 1, 2012: Rose McGowan

2 Mar

Ok, now, I’m quite the heterosexual female, but there’s something about Rose McGowan’s pictures that are insanely mesmerizing to me. We all have our non-sexual crushes, and Rose is mine for a few different reasons.

Her beauty. Now I know that’s a shallow thing to be transfixed by, but beauty itself is not shallow, it is perhaps just the sole pursuit of it that is so. Beauty, is all subjective anyway, what may be beautiful to me may not be to someone else. But in Rose’s face I see tremendous beauty.

I know she doesn’t look like this anymore. Sadly, she, either out of low self-esteem or bad advice, or both, has succumbed to unnecessary plastic surgery, and it looks like she did so many times. I was going to post her “after” pictures (what she looks like now) after every “before” picture so you can all see the difference but then I thought nah, screw reality, and screw what everyone else who’s blogged about her has done. I will keep this post an homage to her sigh candyness.

And speaking of her sigh candyness, and going back to the reason she’s my crush, her choice of apparel is also what’s gotten me obsessed. When she’s casual she’s quirky but always sexy and feminine, and when she’s dressed up she’s all goddess, in long, body-conscious gowns cut from very sensuous fabric.

And so many different looks look so great on her, whether she’s a pale redhead in a wispy summer dress or when she’s borderline goth in a black minidress with black hair and blood-red lips..she can pull it all off!

I just LOVE her face, her makeup, her clothes, her gorgeous figure, it’s like she put together all my ideal manifestations of all aspects of being female.

Okay, I better stop. This is getting embarrassing.


Here are the pictures. They’re very inspiring to me…they make me want to dress up and go out and be seen. I hope they do the same for you!























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