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Starbucks to start serving beer and wine

26 Jan



Remember back in the early 90’s when coffee shops first got big? Remember how full they’d always be with big groups of people sitting there talking and laughing?

It was before the time of laptops, so no one was there doing there homework or pretending to do homework. Now if you go to a Starbucks, or most coffee shops for that matter, you will be surrounded by people on their laptops typing away furiously, writing their paper or chatting to their Russian girlfriend. If you talk at a normal volume, or God forbid laugh at whatever volume, you will get the cold stare-down of death.

So this is why I no longer hang out at coffee shops. I am sure that a lot of people stopped for the same reason.  Could this be then why Starbucks has decided to start serving beer and wine? I’m guessing it’s to start bringing back the loungers social gatherers. I can’t think of another reason why, really. It sure as  hell can’t be because they need the money.

Here are more details, and leave your comments below.

And I believe it’s not only California.


P.S.  So, as I was searching through images, I found a website on beer that has an entire section on Ninkasi, the goddess of beer. Ninkasi is, of course, another name for Inanna. I originally wanted to tie Inanna into this post seeing as it was about beer, but I changed my mind. But I guess it’s not up to, because so many things go back to her, being the first goddess of everything, and all!

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