Akitu, Nawrooz, Honen Matsuri – Spring is upon us

15 Mar

March 15th is a very special day in Japan. Today is the day of Hounen Matsuri, a springtime festival also known as the “Penis Festival”.

Well, I’m not gonna waste my typing energy when Wikipedia can do it for me:


Nawrooz is a few days long festival that is celebrated by Persians (Iranians):


A lot of cultures celebrate the beginning of Spring as their New Year. I’d like to though, point you all to the direction of Mesopotamia, where it was very most likely the first time and place that this happened.

The modern day Assyrians still celebrate the spring portion of Akitu and Kha b’Neesan.

(Kha b’Neesan translates to “first of Spring”, and is the finale of the celebration)

I must say, it makes much more sense to me to celebrate the new year as the beginning of spring. With the way everything blooms and blossoms, and the skies are clear and the sun is always out, it seems as though that is nature’s new year as well.

Happy Akitu, Happy Nawrooz, Happy Japanese Penis Day, Happy whatever you call it, Happy New Year, Happy Spring!!!

Image above is of the Hollywood mall. Just a little example of resilient Mesopotamian culture is.


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