Sigh Candy 8/31/11: Mermaids

31 Aug

I can’t really explain why I love mermaids so much. I’m guessing it’s because I’m Pisces..THE “water woman”. They say you’re usually drawn to things that remind you of yourself a bit…maybe that’s why I’m so drawn to mermaids…or maybe that’s wishful thinking 🙂

I particularly love mermaid art. I think something sort of magical happens when a mermaid is the subject of a painting, because art itself is so watery and mysterious, throw the mermaid concept into that mix and it becomes doubly so, and doubly enchanting.

No one really knows where the mermaid/merman idea came from, but one theory is that people would see manatees, as they tend to swim towards the surface more than other sea-folk, and they’d swim right under kelp. The kelp, resembling long hair, in combination with the womanly looking curves of the manatee, is what may have started the fantasy (or maybe in some cases a scurvy-induced hallucination) of the mermaid.

I believe what really started the fantasy was something that happened a long time ago in our history. There is a belief that for some time, modern humans spent a lot of time in the water. This theory, known as the Aquatic Ape Theory, explains why the modern human anatomically differentiates so much from its ancestors. It explains why we are more like fish than apes; why there is webbing between our fingers, why we are relatively hairless, and why our body hair grows in a downward direction – caused by being underwater. It also explains the huge difference in brain size, which would be attributed to the massive quantities of omega 3’s eaten from fish and sea vegetables.

The Aquatic Ape Theory is of course not accepted in mainstream anthropology, but I believe it because it makes tons of sense to me. And I think that perhaps the knowledge of this occurrence in evolution stayed in the collective subconscious of humankind, as all things in history have, as even Carl Jung has said, and manifested as this beautiful notion of the mermaid.

So, with all of that being said…here is some mermaid art for you..enjoy!


Oh and…I’ve selected for links to open in a new window in my settings but it doesn’t happen when you click on an if you would kindly right-click on an image to go the original site where you can see the artist’s info as well as other art..thank you! 🙂


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