What I like and what I do: Sigh Candy

14 Mar

Hello, people of the world.

Since I have so many interests, I will be sharing a mash up of different things every post. Sometimes I’ll just be link dumping, sometimes I’ll get deep, sometimes I’ll vent. Who knows. But I will be doing lots of sharing of what I call “sigh candy”. Sigh candy is like eye candy but for the soul. You see, or hear it, and you sigh.

And now I sigh…*sigh*

Here’s today’s Sigh Candy:

Negative Space Wedges – Anthropologie


And how yummy is this crystal? It goes by the name of “Cobaltoan” but it is more often referred to as pink calcite.

And I’m not usually a fan of beaded cuffs but this one made me bite my tongue! Thank you, Sharona Nissan Jewelry.

I have been text-flirting someone I recently met ALL DAY LONG, and him and I just good-nighted, so I think I shall good night you all too


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