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There’s Enough Light to Dance in the Dark

12 Sep

One of the hardest things about putting together dance classes is finding the perfect studio. With all the different things to consider like location, size, price, availability, it makes it a very cumbersome and bothersome task. In my situation though, I’ve had to add one more requirement to the list: the studio cannot have any mirrors.

Renting a mirror-less dance studio must sound extremely odd, but it’s actually on top of my list in terms of importance. You’re probably wondering how the heck that happened….

I used to teach Belly Dance somewhere that wasn’t meant for dance. It was a space regularly rented out for classes and demonstrations, but I was probably the first one to teach dance.  There was one full-length mirror that we found, and I’d pull it out of the back room for our class, and people were encouraged to use it if they needed to see themselves.

I very soon started noticing a strange thing; people were dancing without the usual inhibition and timidity that beginning dance students usually have. This was a result of there not being any mirrors in front of them. This is what happens when you’re not concerned with what you look like. Your brain gets taken away from the equation when you’re not looking at something, and usually when we look at ourselves it’s with a very judgemental microscopic lens.

Not looking at yourself gets you out of your head and the only other place for you to go when you’re out of your head (that is, if you’re alive) is your body. People dance much differently, much more freely, without a mirror, and that’s the way we should dance.

With the same intention in mind of getting people out of their heads and into their bodies, I also started dimming the lights. This, not surprisingly, started adding to the effect. Now, not only were people dancing more freely because they weren’t looking at themselves, but also because they felt they weren’t being looked at by others. It also made for a much more cozy and dance-inducing ambiance :)

The reason dancing comfortably and without judgement is important is because that’s the most effective way of silencing the hyper mind and ego. When the ego and mind are silenced, the body unfolds itself with the music, and if that kind of unfolding are experienced on a regular basis, when tension is danced away from the body, then the mind becomes more relaxed, which in turn reverberates through the body again, and this health-creating reverberation goes back and forth from the brain to the body, like a boomerang.

In Soul Blossom classes, you will be in an environment that will be unlike any other dance class.  The atmosphere will be designed for you to completely LET GO and be yourself. In most dance classes, you have to do what the instructor tells you and nothing more, even while the music is playing (I hated that), and at clubs you’re usually being evaluated by a sexually-minded eye. In Soul Blossom dance class, you will be able to let your body exhale.



Or if you meant this – click here to hear the song :):

Dancing In The Dark – by Sense of Dance

26 Aug

I am so loving this song!

Sense of Dance – Dancing In The Dark

Happy Independence Day, India! Jay Bharat!

15 Aug



\¸. .I.N.D.I.A. ,.,\
/ \

Enjoy “Chale Chalo” from the movie Lagaan, a song about unity and defeating the (British) bad guy :o)

Three versions of one classic Indian song

16 Mar

Did I mention I love world music? I mean I really LOVE world music.

I’ll explain in another post why  and how it’s hypnotized me so much.

For now, enjoy three very different versions of “Kivain Mukhre To Nazran Hatawan” by the famous Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

The original:

By Akbar Ali – I love the awesome trembling voice thing he does:

And the sexy version by Bally Sagoo ;)

I love them all!



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